My Family Vacation

These images are from a recent road trip I took with my family.  It was our last adventure before the start of school, and what an adventure it was!  We went to Mt. St. Helen's, the amazing McMenamin's Edgefeild and then on to Portland's Kennedy School (our favorite vacation destination). It was all incredible, but I have to say, Mt. St. Helens blew my mind!

I was a little girl living in Spokane, WA when the mountain exploded, and remember very vividly how the sky turned black  (in the middle of the day) and how it "snowed" ash for hours.  I remember listening to the Emergency Broadcast System telling us to stay inside.  And I remember being so scared!  It's a day I will never forget and it was so cool to visit the mountain and to be able to share all of my stories with my kids!

The other exciting thing about this trip was that I left my Canon 5D Mark II at home!  Instead I shot our entire trip with film!  I brought a Mamiya 645, a Canon Elan 7E and a vintage 1953 Rolleiflex.  I also used my trusty iPhone (of course)

So here's a little peek at our trip!

Hope you enjoy!