How To Prepare For Your Portrait Sitting

seattle maternity black and white film portrait photography

Maternity sessions are best when scheduled sometime between weeks 29 and 36.

To prepare for your session, make sure that you are not wearing anything that will leave a mark on your skin.  The biggest offenders are elastic waistbands, socks, and elastic hair bands worn on your wrist.  Try wearing a light-fitting dress and sandals to your shoot, and if you can get away with it, no panties or bra.  We want your skin to be as smooth and pretty as it can be!

I will provide all of the draping that will be used in your photos.  If you do want to bring an outfit or two, jeans or yoga pants with a tight-fitting tank top always look great, as do long maxi dresses.  Avoid maternity clothes that are big and baggy, they will make you look wide in a photo, and nobody wants to look wide.

Newborns are best when photographed between birth and ten days.

To prepare for your session, try to give the baby a good long feeding just before leaving home.  That will get them good and sleepy!  We mostly work with newborns when they are naked or just in a diaper.  If you have sentimental outfits, blankets or objects however, please bring them!  We want to make these photos as special as we can!

Parents and siblings should expect to be in a few of the photos.  Please stay away from logos or patterns when choosing your outfit.  I find that plain, white, black or gray clothing works the best.  I also recommend that you bring a t-shirt or something to change into just in case your baby pees on you during the session.  It happens.  And please know that if your baby pees or poops on me or anything in my studio, it is no big deal!!  I get peed on at least once a day, and everything in the studio (including myself) is washable!

For all other Family sessions, choose clothing that is simple.  Stay away from anything with logos or patterns.  And remember, well-fed, well-rested kids are happy kids!  I have prizes, toys, stickers and bubbles set aside for shameless bribing and rewarding, but you may want to bring some snacks.

If you have any other questions regarding how best to prepare for your session, please do not hesitate to call or send me an email!

If you need a little style inspiration, please visit my Pinterest inspiration boards on what to wear to a studio shoot and on location.

I can be reached at (206) 841-2260 or at

Looking forward to seeing you soon!