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Personal Work Friday: A Happy Accident

Last week I took my boys to the Ballard Skate Park and decided to bring my Holga with us.  For those of you unfamiliar with Holgas, they are small plastic "toy" cameras known for their unpredictability and light leaks.  By all accounts, the roll that I shot is a hot mess.  Every image was double exposed (oops..) and the light leaks are out of control, resulting in red streaks through every images.  It's a disaster, and I LOVE it!!  Here are some of my favorite images.  And lets hear it for happy accidents!!

Personal Work Fridays

So something new that has happened since I've started shooting film again is that I'm actually taking photos of my own kids.  I've decided to share a bit of my personal work every Friday here on my blog... hopefully I can keep it up! These images are from a day trip we took to Vashon Island a few weeks ago.  And yes, my son is wearing striped Christmas jammies... we let them dress themselves.

Happy Friday every one!


Here are some photos that I took of my brother Jim, my super talented sister-in-law Cat Thrasher, and my two ADORABLE nieces while visiting them in Virginia a few weeks ago.  I miss them all so much, and am so happy to have had the opportunity to photograph them!  Wish they lived closer!


My Husband Peter, in Maui

Last week my husband and I flew to Maui for the wedding of our dear friends Katy (owner of Vows: Wedding and Event Planning) and Ty Roberts.  I had the great privilege of both photographing the wedding, and playing Ukulele for the ceremony.  Peter, my husband, officiated.  The wedding was gorgeous (I'll be sharing photos soon)!  But before the wedding, Peter and I had a few days to explore and relax.  I think our trip is best summed up by this series of portraits I took of Peter.  We had a blast!  And I must say, I'm pretty lucky to be married to such a totally fun, handsome and talented guy!

Mine, in Studio

My children rarely let me take their picture any more.  I usually have to sneak a pic or two when we're out doing something.  So the fact that they let me take them up to my studio and take these photos is a big deal!!!  And it makes me love the images even more!! shot on my Mamiya 645 using Portra 400