What to Wear To Your Newborn Photoshoot

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What a client should wear to their photoshoot is probably the questions I am most often asked.  And I get.  Your baby is only a newborn once, so you want to get it right!

I believe that newborns are perfect just the way they are, and I love to show that perfectness off in their photos!

With newborns, less is more!

With newborns, less is more.  We don’t want them getting lost is a ton of clothing.  Because of that I prefer plain diapers and swaddle blankets, but if you have a special heirloom piece, like a Christening gown, or hand made blanket, but all means bring it!  I love incorporating special garments and blankets into my newborn sessions!

Neutral colors work best for family members.

And you should plan on being in some photos too!  I love photographing moms, dads, and older siblings into my newborn sessions!  To prepare, plan on neutral clothing and try to stay away from patterns or logos.  You don't all have to match, but you do want to make sure you are wearing similar tones.  So, for example, you don't want mom and big brother in white, but then have dad in black.  It would be better to have everyone in shads of gray or cream instead.

Seattle newborn photographer Sandra Coan | What to wear | Families photographed on film | Two older sisters holding their infant sister
Newborn photographer Seattle | Sandra Coan | Families photographed on film