Wedding Portraits, Old School Style!

Back in the day, it was the norm for a bride and groom to come into a photographer's studio and pose for formal portraits.  The practice of "wedding photojournalism" (that we see all the time now) is really a pretty new idea.  And while I love the story telling element of photojournalism, I feel like there is a romance and beauty of old school wedding portraits that has been lost.  It has been my dream for a long time now to photograph a bride and groom in this old-timey way (but with a modern twist).  Away from the stress and craziness of a wedding day... just simple, classic, beautiful portraits.  The kind that will hang on your walls and be passed down to your grandchildren. These were shot in the awesome Pioneer Square studio of my good friend and fellow photographer Christina Mallet.  This entire session was shot on film using my beloved 1953 Rolleiflex and my Mamiya 645.  I love them all!  And I would like to say a big "thank you" to Katy and Derek (the lovely bride and groom) for putting up with Christina and I and all of our shenanigans!  I had a blast!!