The Importance Of A Good Headshot

This is a portrait of my sister-in-law and friend Cat Thrasher.  Cat is an amazing photographer.  Really (you can see her work here). I snapped this shot of Cat a few weeks ago while visiting she and my bother in Virginia.  And I love it!   It is just spot on Cat!  I posted it earlier this week on a photographer's Facebook page that Cat and I both follow.  After I posted it, one reader wrote "I don't even know Cat Thrasher and this pic makes me like her immediately."  Another said "If I saw this in the About section of a website, I'd like her instantly and would want to hire her!"

And that my friends, is why having a good headshot is so important!

So, if you are in the market for a good headshot for work, Facebook, Linked In, your book cover... whatever!  Please give me a call!  I'd love to take it!

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