The Best Camera... is the one that's with you

Here's the deal friends.... I'm obsessed with the camera on my Iphone.  Seriously.  I just love it!  I love that it's always with me.  I love that it makes capturing the wonderfully mundane and beautiful moments of day to day life so easy!  I love that it makes me look and notice what is around me!!  It's just great! And I never want to be with out it.

I've recently joined Instagram, which has only fueled my obsession.  I'm truly blown away by the gorgeous work that is being made out there!!!  It's so inspiring!

So, if you don't already, start taking pictures with your phone.  Look around you.  See what is beautiful and turn it into something special!  And if you are on Instagram... look me up (sandracoan), following me, and I'll follow you.  I'd love to see what's inside your phone!!

Here is a little peek at what's inside mine