Sometimes, you have to make your own light

I love my studio.  It has huge windows that face south and another huge set that faces west... so basically the best light ever.  But, I'm in Seattle, and sometimes there just isn't enough light, even with the best set up imaginable.

Today was one of those days.... super rainy, and just too dark, so I did what needed to be done, and busted out the studio lighting.

There are many reasons why I try to stay away from the studio lighting.  I love the softness of natural light for one, but the main reason is, I just never know how kids are going to react to it.  Some HATE it, and will cry and squint and have a hard time.  Some don't mind and just ignore it.  And then there are some who love it.  That's the kind of little one I had in today.  She got the biggest kick out of the lights.  Every time the strobes would flash, she'd giggle... it was the cutest thing!   So on this dark, dark Seattle day, we got these cute sunny little pictures, and we all had a blast!