Snowpocalypse 2012

So, for those of you who don't live in Seattle, let me enlighten you on a little know fact.  We can't deal with weather.  Any weather, really.  It rains all the time, and yet every time it rains it messes up traffic.  We complain that our summer's are cold, and then complain of "heat waves" when the mercury goes above 80 degrees.  But most of all, we can't handle snow.  The city literally shuts down at the mere threat of it.  On Tuesday of this week, our public schools started two hours late because an "Arctic Storm" was coming.  We woke on Tuesday to dry streets and clear skies, but took our kids to school two hours late nonetheless.  While they were in school it did start to snow... a little.  That is when I took these first few pictures.  I'm lucky enough to live close to a beach and wanted to get some images of the storm over the water as it hit.  Sadly, I was unable to spend much time shooting, as the school district decided to close school two hours early.... sigh.
 Later Tuesday night, the snow did come in ernest.  We received six inches where I live, which is a very big deal.  The boys have been home from school, my husband has been home from work, and we've all been having a ton of fun!  Today it's raining, and all the snow will be gone by tomorrow morning.  But this storm will no doubt go down in Seattle weather lore as The Great Snowpocalypse of 2012!