Sisters on Film | Seattle Family Photographer

These two cuties came in for their photos just before Christmas and their session was a big wake up call for me as a parent! 

You see, I used to be really, really good at photographing my own children when they we babies and toddlers.  I didn't want to miss one thing!  They changed so quickly during those early years and I wanted to capture it all!

But as they got older, that changed.  For some reason, the older my kids get, the less I photograph them.

I know I'm not alone in this.  I think we all realize that babies grown up fast, and we make an effort to capture those early years.  But what about the middle years?

What about the teeth falling out stage?

What about when they start developing their own sense of style?

What about the elementary school?

Or middle school and high school?  That time when they are somewhere in between childhood and adulthood?

Don't those years matter too?

The answer is, of course they do! 

The older my own children get the more aware I am of how fast it all goes.  What is the old saying? The days are long but the years are short.... 

And that is why I love this photo session so much.  These sister reminded me to celebrate the middle years.  

Your kids, my kids; they are only young once.  This is it. 

As for me, I've committed to getting my own children in the studio at least three times this year.  I want to create some portraits of who they are now as middle school boys, turning into young men. 

It all matters.  All the years.  Don't miss.