Photography 101! It's Back!!


Have you ever felt frustrated with the pictures you take?  

Are they ever too dark, or too bright, or blurry or just plain boring?  Do you ever wish that someone could just show you an easy way to make them better?

Well guess what?!  I can!!

I believe that every one who owns a camera has the ability to take amazing photos!  Join me on May 23rd at my Greenwood studio and let me show you how!

In my Photography 101 class you can expect to learn:

  • All about your DSLR so that you can get out of auto-mode and expand your photographic horizons.
  • The basic rules of good composition so that you can get amazing photos with any camera, even your phone.
  • An understanding of light, and how best to use it.
  • Tips and tricks for getting great photos of your kids.  It can be done!

As part of the class you will also get:

  • Lots of practice! Yes, we will have models of all ages for you to work with!
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can share your photos, ask questions and learn from others in the group.  I’ll also be on the Facebook page to answer questions and give feedback well after the class is over!
  • And I’ll feed you. Woohoo!


  • Class will be held at my Greenwood studio on May 23rd  from 10:00 to 2:30.
  • Enrollment fee: $250 (a $50 non-refundable deposit is required at registration)


Click here to sign up today!


Please note, this class was designed for beginners.  If you are an aspiring professional photographer, this may not be the class for you.  For information on one-on-one mentoring or professional portfolio reviews, please give me a call (206.841.2260) or send me an email (

And, if you are interested in learning how to shoot film, please check out my class, Film for the Studio Photographer.