Introducing Little Bellows!

For the past five months, my awesome sister-in-law, Cat Thrasher,  and I have been working on a very exciting project! And I'm happy to say, that today is the day that we are finally telling the world all about it!
 The project is Little Bellows.  A super cool, one of a kind blog, devoted to celebrating great family photography.
Little Bellows was born from a conversation Cat and I had about what it means to be a family photographer, and the importance of the work that we do, as and art form and heirloom.
We thought it would be so great to have a blog to go to that featured beautiful, well done photography by photographers from all around the world.  And so we made one.
Our hope is that Little Bellows will be a resource for parents looking for portrait inspiration during their children's growing years.  But also that it will inspire anyone who loves art and appreciates beautiful photography.
We couldn't be more thrilled with the line up of amazing photographers we already have on board, and can't wait to watch as our little project grows and becomes something fantastic!
We'll be featuring a new photographer everyday, Monday through Friday.  So come by often, add us to your list of favorite blogs, and leave lots of comments, we want to know what you think!!
you can find us at  as well as on Facebook