I Love Moonphoto!!!

Moonphoto has been my favorite photo lab here in Seattle for a long time.  I love it so much in fact, that one of the reasons we bought the house that we did was because it is within walking distance of Moonphoto.  Bob and the gang do all of the printing for my business and for me personally.  I love those folks, and once again, their awesomeness is shining through.

So, about two weeks ago now, my brother Jim and his wife Cat had their little baby girl.  They named her Lulu.  Such a great name, right?!  Well, it so happens that Lulu was named after another special lady in our family, Lulu Williams.  Lulu Williams was my Dad's grandmother, and pretty much raised him.

When we learned that Jim and Cat had decided to name the new baby "Lulu", my mom and I thought it would be fun to find some pictures of Jim when he was a baby with the original Lulu.... and we did.  The only problem was that they were taken way back in the early 1970's and stuck in one of those old albums with the sticky pages to keep photos in place.  And boy oh boy are they stuck!  We learned quickly that we would not be able to get them out without ripping the photo.  Also, they are all damaged and faded by time.  Total bummer.

I decided to take the album up to Bob at Moonphoto and let him have a look.  He was able to work a little Bob magic, and fixed them for me!!  How great is that!?  Now I have pretty new prints, and I plan on giving them to the new Lulu when I meet her tomorrow!!!

Thanks Bob!!  You rock!!

Here is the before (that is Grandma Lulu, my Dad, and my brother Jim)
And here is the after (Bob and I decided that it looked better in black and white)