Harvey and Dexter turn six!

Today my babies turn six!  So hard to believe!!  
Happy Birthday H and D!
To my sons
The best of the best. I love watching you guys grow your learning and stretching how your tiny bodies change from chubby little hands to muscly looking arms as you strain to climb just a little higher finally conquering your favorite “climbing tree” out front. I love how your words and questions turn clearer and make more sense with every passing day. I look forward to the times when you come home for the holidays and we can sit and talk about anything. everything. You’re my little men and for now those conversations are more a picture of snuggling, tickling and lots and lots of giggles and kisses. I love these moments and soaking them up as much as I possible can cause I know the day is coming when I’ll stand in the driveway watching you pull away fighting back the tears cause I know how much I’ll miss you, till you’re home for Christmas.
                                                                                          ~ awelltraveledwoman