Five Tips for Photographing Kids

The Fourth of July is just around the corner.  I'm sure you are busy planning your family outings, BBQ's and fireworks.  Hopefully you are also planning to take lots of pictures of your kids enjoying this fun holiday.

That, my friend, is why I'm going to share my five favorite tips for photographing kids!

1.Don't ask them to say cheese.  Ever. Instead, try getting down to their level and acting silly. Sing songs, make funny noises, tell jokes, whatever it takes to get your kids to laugh at you.  Once they're laughing, then take your pictures.  You'll have more than one of a true, genuine smile.  I promise!

2. Be a spy!  Or a wild-life photographer!  Just sit back and quietly observe.  Photographing kids in their natural environment, while they are just doing their thing is the best way to get those lovely candids we all love.

3. Let them be themselves!  Let them wear crazy outfits!  Let them pose with their legos or stuffed animals!  Let them make silly faces!  In twenty years, every wacky photo you've ever taken will be family treasure.
4. Be fast!  You don’t have long before your child will tire of you and your camera.  Shoot fast and furious… you can always edit later!
5. Edit.  This is a hard one for parents.  But remember, just because your child is in a picture, doesn't mean it's a good picture.  Look for the best of the best.  The rest can go.  Your child will thank you later.

Want to know more?  Well stay tuned, I'll be sharing more tips and tricks all summer long!  And if you really want to learn how to get great photos of your kids, then sign up for my newsletter!  I'll be teaching my Photography 101 for parents again soon, as well as my iPhone class.  Being on the mailing list means that when I do, you'll be the first to know!


Happy Shooting!