A lesson on why one should never leave their children unattended

So, when my twins were toddlers, it felt like I couldn't let them out of my sight.  They needed constant supervision, and I feel like that is what I gave them.  But as they've grown, I've relaxed.  Now that they are coming up on five, I often give them time to play with out me around.  They enjoy the time alone, and so do I..... usually.
This morning started off just great!!  We were all in great moods, the boys were getting along exceptionally well, everything was perfect, so I thought nothing of it when they decided to go upstairs to play in their "art room".  I  took a shower, drank some coffee, checked in on my peeps on Facebook, all the while listening to the happy laughter of my beautiful boys coming from upstairs.  After about 30 minutes (ish) of this, I decided to go check in on them.  I was not prepared for what I found.  Two happy little boys COMPLETELY covered, head to toe, in paint. 
I did what any mother would do when faced with such a discovery... I grabbed my camera.  

Here they are, in the shower, just before the hose down.