Why I Prefer Strobes To Natural Light

When I started using strobes it was out of desperation.  I wanted a way to be able to shoot film through the winter.  Thats it.  It was intended as a temporary fix to get me through to the spring. And then something unexpected happened.

When spring finally came around, I found that I liked using my strobes more than I liked using natural light.  Crazy right?

Well maybe not... here's the thing.  

  • Strobes are consistent. When I use them, my light is the same at every. single. shoot. My meter readings are always the same, regardless of the weather. Using artificial light has allowed me to shoot film 100% of the time and has freed me from stress.

  • Strobes bring out the best in film. Film loves light. And strobes give the perfect amount of light every time. So my images are always perfectly exposed and beautiful.

  • Strobes do not have to look "flashy". I love strobes, but I HATE images that look artificial and "flashy". I want my work to be soft and airy and, when used properly, my strobes give me that look.

  • Strobes are easy. Seriously. I know that they seem complicated, but they are not. Everything I do is done with one light and one light modifier. Thats it.

I encourage you to give off camera lighting a try... and stay tuned, I'll be sharing a series of post here to tell you just how to do it step by step.  It's not hard, and it will absolutely change the way you shoot film, for the better!

If you can't wait and just want to dive into off camera lighting right now, check out The Missing Link: A Film Photographer's Guide To Off Camera Light.  It's is a complete how-to... everything from what equipment you need to lighting set-ups- full of text, diagrams and video tutorials! 

Sandra CoanComment