New Year, New Beginning

There is something so magical about January 1st.  In theory, it’s just another date on the calendar.  But to me, it’s signifies a new beginning.  A fresh start.

I like to treat each calendar year as an opportunity to try something new. Challenging myself to try something new helps me push myself and my business.  

Sometime it’s small things… like raising my prices a little or deciding to take a workshop on something I’ve been trying to learn. And sometimes it’s big things… like deciding to teach my own workshop or pursuing publications and speaking engagements.  

Whatever it is, I set my intention and the start working toward my goal on January 1st.

Last year my goal was to speak at a professional conference.  

In October, I was given to opportunity to speak at Click Away, but that intention was set in January and I started working on what I wanted to say long before I was even asked to speak.

That is the power of setting your intention.  That is the magic of the New Year.

So my question to you is this...  What are your goals for the New Year?  

What new project will you begin?

Will you learn something new?

Raise your prices?

Or maybe start the business you’ve been dreaming about for years?

Whatever it is.  Set your intention.  Take the risk.  And let the New Year be your new beginning.

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