Five Film Stocks And One Creepy Doll (Sorry)

Sometimes I think that I missed my calling.  I really should have been a scientist.

This thought usually comes to me late at night when I'm lying in bed mulling over things.  

I run experiments in my head.  

I come up with theories and imagine ways to test them.  

And then when I finally do drift off to sleep, I dream about my obsessions.

For the last several years my obsession has been shooting film with strobes.  I think about it all the time. I read about it.  I Google it.  I even dream about it.  It's a little ridiculous.

A couple weeks ago I became curious about how different film stocks would look when shot with strobes.  

I already know that I love the look of Portra 800 when shot with natural light and Fuji 400h is my go-to strobe film... but then I started wondering "how would Portra 800 look with strobe?  Or Ektar!! Or.. or..."  I'm sure you can see where this is going....

So I decided to run a little test.  

Five film stocks all shot the with the same light, same backdrop and same subject.


Here's a bit of what I got!  (And yes, I know my doll is super creepy... sorry!)

Okay... this first set was shot with a Contax 645, a 7 foot OctoDome set at 45 degrees to my subject, a dark (Thunder Grey) back drop and metered for the shadows.

Sandra Coan | Tips for Film Photographers | Film Stocks | Film and Strobes

And here's the same set up with a cream backdrop.

Sandra Coan | Tips for Film Photographers | Film Stocks | Film and Strobes

Isn't it fascinating?!

And, for those you who want to studio this a bit more, you can download the images by clicking on the button below!

Have a great day!


P.S. All images were shot using a Contax 645 and processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.