Studio Lighting for the Film Photographer
 April 28th & 29th, 2018
Seattle, WA

Let me ask you a question.

180205_sandracoan pullback_01.jpg

Do you shoot film?

Do you struggle when the weather turns and you have to go inside?

Do you feel limited in your choices - like you have to embrace hybrid shooting on rainy days?  Or that there is no way you can shoot film inside your client's dark homes?  Or even that your natural light studio is just too dark for film, especially in the winter months?

Wouldn't it be great to have beautiful light all the time!  

To know that regardless of the weather or location, you could give your clients beautiful film images that are consistent with your work and brand! 

Well guess what?!!
Let me show you how!

Studio Lighting for the Film Photographer
 is the only workshop of it's kind.  

Designed specifically for film photographers who want to learn all about creating beautiful images with artificial light. 

In this workshop you will learn...

  • The exact equipment you need to get started with artificial lighting.
  • Details on how to set everything up and get it working seamlessly with your film cameras.
  • How to meter with strobes and speed light flash.
  • My one light, one light-modifier approach to creating luminous, natural-light looking photos.
  • Ideal set ups for working with individuals, couples and families.
  • Strategies for working both in studio and on location.
  • Hands on practice.


ALSO, as an added bonus, each attendee will get a mentoring session with Sandra
to get in depth with your specific needs. AND, our good friends at Richard Photo Lab will

overnight all film shot by our attendee so you can see your results right away!

And because I want you to walk away from this workshop an expert on artificial lighting, class size will be limited to six attendees


a *deposit of $300 is required at booking
payment in full is due on April 7th, 2018

What people are saying...

I am a newborn photographer based in Hong Kong, I shoot on location-small apartments- and low lighting was always a major challenge. What I learned from this workshop about how to use strobe to fill in the main light naturally and effectively, changed my photography business completely. Sandra made using strobes with film so simple, by the end of the workshop, I was more than confident to integrate it into my usual workflow. I took me 24 hours to travel from Hong Kong, it was so worth it. It was the best workshop I ever attended.
— Pim Yanaprasart
This is for anyone who wants to take back control and learn how to create luminous and natural light looking images with strobe.
— Joyce Kang
I love you Sandra Coan, because you are the reason I marched into this random persons house, looked around, and said “I think I’ll shoot in the pitch black bedroom”, and got pictures like this!
— Michelle Lemay
Learning to meter from Sandra made all the difference
— Jen Golay
Seriously, it’s gonna change the way you shoot film, for the better!
— Carrie Getty
Studio Lighting for Film Photographers: A workshop for film photographers wanting to learn how to create natural looking light with strobes

Sponsored by Richard Photo Lab

Film for the Studio Photographer, a workshop by Sandra Coan, sponsored by Richard Photo Lab


*deposits are non-refundable after Jan. 11th, 2017