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2018, Year in Review | Seattle Family Photography

2018 was a big year for me!

I traveled around the country teaching other professionals about business, film and light. I worked along side of a handful of other amazing photographers to Beta test Kodak’s new Ektachrome 100. And, most importantly, I photographed hundreds of families, babies and individuals!

I’ve said it over and over again… I truly have the best clients! And 2018 was no exception.

To all the families who entrusted me with their photos, I want to say thank you! It is always such an honor to work with you! And I look forward to seeing you again in 2019!


Seattle newborn and maternity photographer sandra coan
Seattle studio photographer Sandra Coan
Seattle family photographer, Sandra coan
Seattle Family photographer sandra coan
Seattle fine art studio photographer, Sandra Coan
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How To Get the Most Out Of Your Maternity Photo Shoot | Seattle Maternity Photography
Seattle Maternity Photography Sandra Coan Black and White maternity images in studio

Pregnancy is an amazing time and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a portrait session!

To get the most out of your session however, there are a few things you should know.

When is the best time to come in for a maternity session?

It really just depends on how big you would like your baby bump to be in your photos.  I recommend, any time between 29 weeks to 36 weeks.

Just don’t wait too long, you’d hate to go into labor and miss your shoot.  And yes, this happens!

Try to avoid wearing anything that will leave a mark

When we’re pregnant, our bodies retain a lot of extra fluid which means things like elastic waistbands, socks and elastic hair bands worn around your wrist will leave a mark on your skin.  We want you skin to look as smooth as possible, so avoid anything elastic!

The tighter the better

Loose maternity clothing is super comfortable, but doesn’t always look great in photos.  When it come to your maternity portraits, remember, the tighter the clothes, the better! We want to show off that belly!

Don’t be afraid to show some skin

Nude and semi nude maternity images are often my favorite!  I have all the fabric we need for draping and will always photograph you in a tasteful and beautiful way!  So take advantage of the studio setting, and show a little skin!

Husbands, partners, kids and wives…. The more the merrier

I’m often ask if other family members can be in some of the photos and the answer is YES!  These are your portraits and your moment to celebrate this amazing time in your life. So you can include anyone you would like to in your photos!

Seattle Maternity Photography Sandra Coan Black and White maternity images of woman wearing a tight black dress in studio
Seattle Maternity Photography Sandra Coan Black and White maternity image of a couple together in studio
Seattle Maternity Photography Sandra Coan Black and White maternity photo profile of a woman in studio
Newborn Photography Without Props | Seattle Family Photographer

I'll never forget the day my children we born.  All I wanted to do was look at them. I couldn't get enough. 

Their little faces!

Their toes! 

Their tiny fingers. 

I would sit and just watch them sleep. 

I loved the way they stretched and squirmed. 

I loved their little yawns and baby sneezes.

They were so perfect!!  I couldn't get enough.

I think about that every time I work with a newborn.  I look at other people's babies just like I looked at my own; full of wonder and amazement. 

Why I Don't Use Props

Seattle Newborn Photographer Sandra Coan Why I don't pose babies

That is why I choose not to use props or unnatural posing in my work.  I believe babies are perfect, just the way they are.  They don't need anything else.  Just a baby being a baby is enough for me.

I also know that newborns are precious and fragile little humans.  They are meant to be cared for and protected which is why I would never place them in any kind of an unnatural pose.

What You Can Expect From Me

If you are bringing your baby in for a newborn session with me, please know this.  I understand how precious this little person is to you.  Our babies are our world and I know that.  

I will keep your baby safe.

I will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

And I will create classic, timeless images that you can look back on years from now and see your child's personality shining through.

Remember, they're only little once.  Don't miss it.  Book your session today!

Seattle Newborn Photography Sandra Coan newborn photography without props
Seattle Newborn Photography Sandra Coan Infant photography without props and posing
The Power of One Photo | Seattle Maternity Photographer
seattle fine art maternity photography by Sandra Coan

I started my career 17 years ago with a maternity photo of my dear friend Ginger.  We shot three rolls of film and ended up with one perfect photo that we both loved.  I used that one photo to launch my business.  It was the face of Sandra Coan Photography for years.  

Back then, it was common for a person to go into a photo studio with the expectation of getting one great photo.  Over the years, that expectation has changed.  Now it's more common for people to come in for a session and expect 50 great photos.  And while I totally get it (I love all the photos too) I would argue that there is power in just one great image.  

The Problem With Many Photos

Here is how I see it.  When you have many photos, they are often times forgotten.  They sit in your cloud storage.  Maybe a few, if they are lucky, will end up on Facebook or on your Holiday card.  But most of the time, all those photos are never seen.  They get lost.  And I think that is a shame.

The Power Of One Photo

When you have one photo however, the dynamic shifts.  It becomes special and the way you look at it changes.  You hang it on your wall.  You share it with your family.  It becomes an heirloom for future generations. 

When you have just one photo, the photo becomes a story in and of itself.  It tells us something about the person and who they are in that moment.  It becomes a portrait in the truest sense of the word.

What You Can Expect From Me

When you come in for a photoshoot with me, I will take lots of photos and give you many to choose from.  But my goal is that you will find one GREAT one.  One that will become your story, your heirloom.  One that you will hang on your wall.

My goal is to create a portrait.  It's what I love to do.  And I can't wait to do it for you.