Clients often ask, “when is the best time to come in for photos of my baby?” In my opinion, there is no best time.  Babies change so much in their first year.  Every stage is precious.  Why not capture them all?

Here is what you can expect in that first year.

Seattle newborn photographer


If you love those curled up, sleeping newborn photos, then schedule your first session as early as you can.  Babies who are photographed within the first ten days tend to sleep through most (if not all) of their photoshoot.  This allows us to really capture that newborn time.  The curled up sleeping, the baby’s head fitting in the palm of your hand, the tiny toes and fingers… there is just nothing better than a newborn baby.










One to four months

Once babies get a bit older they become more alert.  Babies in this age rage tend to stay awake during their session.  They usually have started smiling as well, and capturing those first smiles is pure gold.  Babies at this age do get tired very quickly however,  and a photo session can be taxing on a little one. Try to schedule your session when your baby is naturallyawake (early morning works well for most).



Seattle newborn photographer

Five to eight months

This is one of my favorite ages to photograph!  The ideal time to come in is when your baby can sit up well on her own but is not yet crawling.  These sessions are always fun and full of smiles!











Seattle newborn photographer

11 and 12 months

It’s always fun to celebrate that first year with a photoshoot! Parents will often bring in a cake, party hat or balloons to celebrate the event.  I say, bring them all!   Many babies can stand on their own at this stage.  Some are even walking.  It’s so fun to capture these milestones on film!

And remember, I do offer a Baby’s First Year plan.  Be sure to inquire about it when booking your newborn session!