Because your family is always your family...

A couple of weeks ago I took some photos of my mother-in-law Joan with my husband and his twin sister.  It was an impromptu shoot.  Not planned at all.  But the images that we got from it have me rethinking my work as a family photographer.

You see, Joan has dementia.  Some days are good.  Some are not.  The day of the shoot was not a good day.  But sitting in front of the camera with two of her children sparked something in her.  She lit up!  It was amazing.  (I wrote about it on my blog)

What I learned from this session is that families don’t grow up and stop being families.  Families are always family.  Your mom and dad are always your mom and dad.  And no matter how old you are, you are always their baby.  Always.

I was reminded that life is short.  And as fun as it is to look back at photos of our kids and remember when they were little, it is important to look at our parents as they are now and be grateful that they are here with us.

I remembered why family photography is so important to me; why it’s my passion.  Because it’s not just about a photo, it’s about memories and moments and history.  It’s something to look at and to hold, even long after the people in the photo are gone. 

With that in mind, I am proud to say that I am now offering adult family portrait sittings.  The session fee is  $350.  Albums start at $450 and come with digital files.

Send me an email today to get you and your family on the books! 

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Sandra Coan Photography, photos of adult children with their parents